FAQ Studio H20

We physically have room for three people in our Green Screen Studio. However, due to the 1.5-meter rule, a maximum of two people is allowed in front of the camera.  

Our basic setup is to work with an audio technician and a visual technician. For larger and more complex projects, up to six people work behind the scenes.

Technically and operationally, we offer the studio as a turn-key concept. This means that based on your intake, we take care of all facilities and the operation of the studio for you. Your message, schedule, audience, and speakers belong to the production tasks you, as a client, take care of.

An in-house caterer is available on location with a special menu for the studios. Be sure to communicate your needs with them a few days before the event.

In addition to Zoom, we also support Teams, Webex, and various other video conference platforms. We can also link a stream to a social media channel. 

For the virtual audience (live on-screen), 49 people are the maximum. They can also interact with the presenter. The virtual audience is placed in the digital environment using special software. Of course, an unlimited amount of visitors can watch the presentation online.

The address is Spinnekop 2-3, 1444 GN Purmerend. The campus offers abundant parking space. You can park here for free.

We broadcast standard to the Vimeo platform. But there are no restrictions to our broadcasting possibilities. During the introductory meeting, we’ll list your wishes and take them into account in the plan. 

Multiple streams can be broadcast, with the mainstream offering the default language. We can provide the second stream with a translation in combination with the original picture. This provides the visitor a choice between a translated or non-translated stream. 

Yes, this is possible for both the presenter in the studio and the presenter at a remote location. 

We advise the home speakers in our preliminary process. Think of the optimal position of the camera, background advice, and lighting advice. We also do a test before the actual event to make sure everything works perfectly. If the speaker agrees, we can also take over the session remotely and assist with hardware settings. However, this requires sufficient rehearsal time. 

We test various points, think of the connections and the content of the presentation. A flawless live show is only possible after a perfect rehearsal.

Yes, we have several templates that we can quickly adapt to your company’s corporate identity or event. In addition, we can create any 3D you want.

The Virtual Event Platform includes a registration module. If you do not choose this option, we will provide you with the information you need to set up your own registration system.